The Astrophysics of the Non-Exploding Universe

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Below is a section of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field image, showing many different galaxies.  This is a false colour image made from observations at multiple wavelengths - from the near ultra-violet into the infra-red, and processed to give a colour image.  I have altered the gamma to bring out more lower brightness detail on CRT monitors.  More information is available from and .

Below that is an image of the Sun, taken by the spacecraft SOHO
, which is in orbit around the Sun a little closer than Earth, following Earth.  This one (see description at was taken using the light emitted by singly ionized helium (304 Angstrom) which occurs when plasma is at around 60,000 to 80,000 K.  A large prominence is seen erupting at the lower left, with another prominence seen at the upper left against the disk.  Prominences have much lower temperatures and higher densities than the surrounding corona, which is typically 10 to 20 times hotter, at 1 to 2 Mega K.  Spicules (or are they macrospicules?)  can clearly be seen at the limb in the north and south - the areas of the polar coronal holes.  (Copyright: SOHO (ESA & NASA) .)
Hubble ultra deep field - detail

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