Papers regarding the solar redshift problem

Including especially a PDF of a 1916 paper by Evershed and Royds.

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On the change of wave-length of the iron lines in passing from the centre of the sun's disc
J. Evershed and T. Royds
Kodaikanal Observatory Bulletin no. XLIX  (1916)

Here is a PDF file, from photocopies kindly provided in June 2003 by the Library, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Koramangala .
Evershed-Royds-1916.pdf (12 pages 6.9 Megabytes)
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The question of redshift at the limb of the Sun's disc could, in part, be explained by a plasma-redshift mechanism - however there could be a variety of other explanations as well.  It is clearly a difficult matter to explain in all its detail, such as which lines are affected and why the relationship between limb-position and redshift differ between the lines.  The whole question of limb-shifts can only be resolved in the context of considering outward flows which should give rise to blue-shift in the centre of the disc, and in consideration of gravitational redshift (general relativity), which should affect all areas of the disc similarly, as best I know.

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